The Nubian Neighborhood Network is a new partnership composed of three local organizations: Boston Plan for Excellence, Project Hope Boston and Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative. This initiative is funded by Boston Children's Collaboration for Community Health.

Our goal is to address child health inequities in Roxbury by providing community members with access to STEM careers that provide high wages, thereby raising the income levels of residents and leading to better overall health.

“Too often, we witness residents of Roxbury and North Dorchester miss out on learning and job opportunities across the City of Boston due to discrimination across race and class and lack of accessibility of these opportunities. Through Nubian Neighborhood Network, neighborhood organizations, community members and Boston businesses will be able to create programs that rectify this injustice and provide the skills and pipelines necessary for residents to secure fulfilling employment that meets their potential”

Keila Barros,
Resident and DSNI Board President

Organizations in our Network

Funded by

Nubian Neighborhood Network is working to strengthen STEM career pathways in our community. We’ve worked with community members, employer partners, advocates and others to build a set of concepts that span the trajectory of career access and growth. Scroll down for more details.

High School


Employers and industry partners develop STEM learning and employment opportunities for students and their families, offering exposure to career paths and information about how to access them.


N3 is having conversations with employers to shape engagements that maximize depth of engagement for students and families—and leverage the assets of the employer organization. The commitment will be shaped to what each organization can take on.


  • Mentorship and internship opportunities
  • Workshop series on careers in an industry
  • Support with insight into industry trends and skill requirements
  • Participation in programming to demystify college applications and attendance